Thursday, February 13, 2014

They Don't Hurt.

That's the good thing about wrinkles.  Man, look how gray my hair is getting.  Just a couple of years ago there was a lot of brown still in it.  Guess I need to update my blog pic.  Anyway, I thank God that the wrinkles don't hurt!

I also thank God that Lee passed his inspection with the oral surgeon today.  They took out the drain and said that all is well.  They had sent off some tissues for pathology reports and those reports aren't back, yet, so we're still waiting on those but not expecting problems.  They think he should be able to make it until we get home for the root canal.

We're happy tonight because the Thunder/Lakers game is actually going to be on TV here in Branson. We'll love watching the game instead of just watching the stats and play by plays online.  I'm going to get my bath early and be ready to fall into bed as soon as the game ends.  God bless!


  1. So glad Lee is doing better. Didn't want to say before about abscess but had a friend whose son died when he didn't know what was wrong and poison got in his system. Lee's symptoms were the same...good doctor to send you to surgeon...God certainly is good. Just too bad I couldn't have been there to drain and would have saved you lots of money...LOL!

    Love to all! Donna

  2. I know they can be so dangerous, Donna. I was concerned because it was obviously an infection and it was close to both his brain and his heart. When we saw the Surgeon, though, he said it was a good thing we came in because sometimes the swelling can get out of control and cause the tongue to swell and he could even smother if it happens in his sleep. It was in his sleep that he swelled so badly! When he'd get up in the morning he was swollen nearly beyond recognition, but it would go down a lot once he got up and around. We went in to the dentist at noon, though, and they said, "Oh, you've got a bulldog on your hands." Anyway, I hadn't dreamed of that complication. I'm really glad we went in as soon as we could. If you could have drained it, you sure could have saved us a handful of money; do you do root canals? I'll bet that's going to be a nice house payment for his dentist. He's got to have it, though, because this tooth is one that one end of a bridge is hanging on, so if he looses this tooth, he'll loose the other 4 on this bridge. Getting old is expensive!