Friday, February 28, 2014

Hide and Seek. I FOUND Something I Needed!

This pic was taken at the lookout yesterday.  If you look at the red roofs on the left side, go to the right of them and see the white buildings with green roofs.  We have stayed in the green roof buildings for 3 weeks.  We're ready to leave tomorrow and go back out to Big Cedar.

A common 'game' I play is hide and seek.  I hide something and then spend days, weeks, months, even years looking for it.  I don't do it on purpose; it just happens.  I have a traction belt that I brought with me for my back, hip and leg.  I didn't need it for a few weeks, so I put it 'away' so I wouldn't keep stumbling over it.  It has a pump that I use to pump it up and that makes it work.  When I DID need the traction belt, I couldn't find the pump to save my life (or my hip and leg).  I finally gave in and figured that I must have left the pump at home.  Then, when I started to pack yesterday for tomorrow's move I found the pump!  But it took all day yesterday and today to find where I had stuck the belt.  What a crazy lady.  God knew I needed the traction, though, so I think He led me to it.  I am so thrilled to have it!  It really does help, so it will sure save these last three weeks!  Thank  you, God for directing me to the belt and the pump on the same day!  I'll bet I'll pay closer attention to where I put those things from now on and also always keep them in the same place!

[The bottom disc in my back is degenerated from wear and tear over the years due to a birth defect.  I was born with my tail bone fused to the last vertebra and the disc has paid the price for that over the years.  It cuts off circulation to my right side and my hip and leg complain about it a lot when the sciatic nerve is pinched.  This belt pulls free some space, for better circulation, so it's pretty much a wonderful thing!  Praise God, I DON'T have degenerative disc disease because all my other discs are good.  Only that one bad disc.]

The Thunder game is not showing here, so we're watching a favorite show:  "Undercover Boss."

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