Friday, February 7, 2014

Missing Everyone!

Today we're getting ready to move tomorrow.  The last time we moved we had Sissy here to help. We're moving to a resort that is one of Ruthie's favorites, so I'll miss sharing it with her and Phil. We're moving food that all of these folks brought and left, so I keep thinking of each of them!  I sure thank God for the precious time spent with all these folks!!!  Fun, fun times!

Lee has whatever he had before wrong with his tooth.  Actually, he saw the dentist back in early December and they couldn't find a thing wrong, even doing x-rays.  The dentist gave him antibiotics in case it was an infection beginning and pain killers.  It had been fine until it started up again Wednesday.  He called his dentist yesterday and he called in scripts for him, again.  He'll go back to see him as soon as we get home.  One side of his face is swollen, from under his eye to his chin.  It hurts below his mouth.  He talks out of the other corner of his mouth; makes me think of Popeye, which I've been calling him all day.  The good thing is maybe I can get most of the moving done without his 'help.'  He likes to move 'his way' and he has not done this for the last 15 years like I have.  I can do it so much better if I can get it done while he's in the shower.  I really hate for him to feel bad, but maybe the antibiotics will kick in and he'll feel better tomorrow.  Another good thing is that the roads are all clear, so moving shouldn't be a problem

I'm looking forward to this new resort because it has a jet tub.  This condo is VERY nice, but it has only showers in it.  I'm such a bath person.  It will be so nice to sit down and soak in a tub!

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