Saturday, February 15, 2014

Red Monkey Santa and Hair Bands.

I went to school in Japan and Dave Gibson did, as well.  We were there at different times, but we have come to know each other very well over the years through the Internet and reunions.  He and his wife, Seyla, are pictured above at our last reunion in San Antonio.  Dave and Seyla have been to see us in Hobart and Don and I visited him on our way out to Washington and Oregon several years ago. They are dear friends.  Dave has only one daughter and I think only one grandchild, but he is such a giver.  Back before Christmas, he sent authentic Japanese tea sets to several of us.  Then he started asking how many granddaughters we had.  In the mail many of us received  hair bands for our granddaughters!  I've pictured the variety that I got above.  When he was in Japan, he was nicknamed Red and at some point he became Red Monkey.  I use that nickname for him on one of the pages where our alumni group visits on face book.  Then he started sending all these gifts to us, so I changed my nickname for him to Red Monkey Santa.  These are wonderful things he's done for us, but I happen to know that he has done lots more wonderful things for many people all over the world. Seyla is from Costa Rica and I remember when Dave was dating her and he'd write to me and tell me about all the goodies he was packing in his suitcase to take to her family in Costa Rica.  He likes to be anonymous (and he married his perfect match), so I won't go into any more detail, but he is probably the most giving, generous person I know.  I thank God for Dave and Seyla in my life.  The gifts are precious, but their spirit and examples are even better treasures to me.

So, several of my granddaughters are coming to Branson for spring break and they'll get the first choice.  I'll hold the rest for the others and give them to them as soon as I see them.  Fun times! Thanks so much, Dave and Seyla!

Lee and I went to Landry's for a late Valentines day lunch.  We're so stuffed we can hardly move and neither of us wanted dinner or even the cheesecake sopapillas I made for tonight.  I think we overdid lunch but it was a fun time.

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