Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lunch with Dorothy!

I remembered to take a pic of us today.  Lee was already into his grubbies and Dorothy had her coat on, ready to go home, but they were good sports and we got a pic of the good times.  We got to Dorothy's house and were thrilled to hear a message on her machine from her sister, Ada!  Ada is in the hospital, but they've found the place where she was bleeding internally and patched it, they hope.  They're going in with a camera tomorrow to make sure things are working right.  If all is good, they'll let her go home, soon.  That's such awesome news and it was so good to hear Ada's voice!  God is so good and we sure thank Him for giving us more time with Ada.  She's an amazing woman to bounce back like she does, but she totally trusts God!

We got good naps today then went back to church tonight.  On the way home we stopped by our friend Bob Clark's house and went in to inspect his work and that of his boys, who are both here to help.  Slowly but surely he'll get that house finished and it will be so nice!

We got home and enjoyed watching the Thunder beat the Rockets.  It's been a good day for us from start to finish.

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