Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

This is Maddy and Bryce.  Maddy is 16 and Bryce will be 2 in June.  How lucky is he to have all these gorgeous women in his life?  Maddy and Peyton and Krissy sure take good care of him!  We're really proud of the whole family.

We slept late this morning after yesterday's long day and trip.  It was rest we needed.  We took it pretty easy all day and then watched the Thunder get beat tonight.  Bummer; we hate when they get beat!  One of my kids (at school) reminded me that they can't win them all.  I tend to think they are good enough to win them all, but that's my flaw and not theirs!

Here's hoping that this year will be a great one for all of you!  Thank you for keeping up with and in touch with me.  Being connected to you all is a treasure to me and I thank God for the ability to be in touch.

PS:  I did the tutorials online on my phone today and it's still lots smarter than me.  I'm learning, though.  If I can just figure out the GPS I'll be content.  So far I haven't made that happen, but I haven't given up hope!

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