Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Christmas Day Crowd.

This is a bunch of Lee's family who we spent Christmas with, yesterday.  What a great bunch of folks!  We ate all day and had lots of fun visiting and playing Dirty Santa.  I'm not going to name everyone, but Lee's the one with the white beard and I'm the one behind him on the stairs.  What a fun day we had!

We got back to the hotel last night and I edited most of 92 pix that I got yesterday!  There's more to edit, but how cool is it to get so many pix of such a fun time?  I'm so grateful for a digital camera.  If I knew how to use the camera on my phone that would be cool, too.  So far I'm doing well to answer it when it rings!  I've got a ways to go with technology!

We're home, safely, and ready for a good night's sleep and some time eating right for a change.  Our systems have pretty much been in shock mode since Thanksgiving and it's past time to behave!

I talked to Dorothy and she's fine, but her sister, Ada, is back in the hospital.  Bless her heart; she's an all time champ, but we're thanking God for being in control.  He knows best and it's hard for us to even know how to pray!  The docs say she has so much wrong with her that they don't know where to start with treating her; that tells us that she's for sure in God's hands.  We trust Him and His timing. Ada's husband, Spike, is such a great caregiver, but he's beginning to show wear, too.  They are both in God's hands, as ALL  OF  US  ARE.  God bless us all!

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