Friday, January 10, 2014

I'll Wear My Red Shirt Tomorrow.

Lee and I fell into bed last night.  I reasoned with him that last Friday and Saturday we spent packing and loading the truck for 3 months.  Then Sunday we drove to Houston.  Monday morning we got up at 4 to get to MDA at 6 and then went through tests all morning and drove back to Doris and Jerry's house.  Tuesday we drove back into Houston for the great results and then we drove to Marshall, TX.  Wednesday we drove in rain all day except for the last hour which was in ice and snow to get to Big Cedar.  That was all pretty stressful.  Then Thursday we rested and then went out to get more groceries.  Today was Friday and I didn't even realize it was Friday.  I wore my Thunder tee-shirt for the second day in a row instead of a red shirt to support the troops.  I'm a loyal Thunder fan to wear their shirt around even though they're on a losing streak.  I'm on a forgetting streak and folks still love me!  I'll wear my red shirt to support the troops tomorrow; they're glad to get support any and every day, I think.

I set the camera on the lamp at my desk and got this shot today.  Notice Lee in the background, asleep in his chair.  Bless his heart; it just takes a while to catch up from the agenda we've had for the last week!  Notice the deer over the fireplace and the fish on the walls.  This place is so consistent with the wilderness theme.  It's not my style at all, but it sure is a great get away!  I'll get more pix as we spend more time here.  I'm not knocking him for napping.  I took a 3 hour nap this afternoon.  I'm such a believer in naps and rest of all kinds; I believe it's healing time, so I'm all about it!

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