Friday, January 24, 2014

We Finished ANOTHER One!

Check it out!  This is a puzzle I got from my daughter-in-law and it was MISSING  FIVE pieces.  Not to fear; I made new pieces to fit in where those were missing.  I don't have markers to color them right, but I'll get that done.  It's just another challenge.  None of the pieces were essential, so we went right on and got it done yesterday while we were stuck inside because of the cold.  Jeanette, we thought of you and the girls as we worked the puzzle; I must admit there was an extra piece in the puzzle, too, so one of your other puzzles is missing at least one green piece.  I love it!  We've got another puzzle to work next week that my niece gave us to work over Thanksgiving.  We never got to it, so it has never been opened and all the pieces will be there; it's more birds!

Today we packed because we're moving to a 3 bedroom unit tomorrow.  Then tomorrow night our older sister, Ruthie is coming with her husband, Phil.  Then Sunday Ruthie's good friend (and mine) from years ago in Japan is coming with her husband.  We plan a week of puzzles and card playing. Woo hoo!  I thank God for this time that we can all share!  Watch for more fun pix!

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