Monday, January 6, 2014

Sisters by Choice.

Terri and I were both in Japan, but not at the same time.  We've come to know and love each other just through reunions and reunions that we create just for us!  We call each other sisters and we cherish every moment we can share.  The smiles tell a lot, don't they?

She is retiring this month and she and her brother are moving to Orlando.  We'll miss getting to see them from time to time because they live in Texas, but Lee has determined that there is a road to Orlando, too.  Woo hoo!  We have lots of other friends in Orlando, so we'll be making a path to Orlando from time to time.

We managed to get up at 4 this morning and leave for MDA at 5.  We got there a few minutes before 6 and were there when 'Dracula' opened up shop to draw my blood.  We raced then up to the 7th floor where I was to have a cat scan at 8:20; the prep started at 6:20.  They were so nice up there that they said, we can do all your x-rays up here while you're drinking your 'stuff.'  They did that and by the time they finished my cat scan I was done for the day.  We got back to Doris and Jerry's house by 10 this morning.  They were gone to meetings they had, so we just went right back to bed.  I think we're caught up on sleep and I'm all tested.  I see the doctor in the morning at 9 to see what the results of cat scan, blood work and x-rays are.  From those results we will determine the treatments for the next few months.  I'm due for a treatment tomorrow, so that should happen around noon.  I'm hoping, then, that we'll be free to go to Branson!  We're supposed to check in there on Wednesday.

Thanks so much for all your support and prayers.  God has a plan and I'm so pleased to be a part of it.  I pray that I can do my part in a way that is pleasing to Him.


  1. OMG!!!!! I just read Gretta's post!!! I'm so very happy for you! Our God is Great and I'm sure He is very pleased with your part in this life. Your positive attitude plays such an important part. Its so good to see that you know how blessed you many people are too busy to recognize their blessings.
    Enjoy Branson and stay warm! Love, Linda Files

    1. Aw, Linda, it's so good to get a sweet, supportive post like this from you! Indeed we are so blessed, are we not? I'm so grateful that we can spend this time in Branson. We slid in here just by the hair on our chinny chin chins! We're unloaded and have the fireplace going. Ah, I'm going to sleep good tonight! PTL!!! Love you!