Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Keeter Center Memories

Keeter Center is the restaurant at the College of the Ozarks.  Our waiter took our picture for us. What a yummy meal and fun memory to treasure.  Today we went to old downtown Branson and also the Landing.  We pretty much wore ourselves out walking around.  Then we came home and watched the Thunder beat the Heat, so that was exciting!  Then we worked on the puzzle, which is finally taking shape.  It's been a real challenge, Heather, but we've enjoyed the challenge!  Maybe we'll get a picture of it tomorrow and maybe even finish it.

Pat and Jim are leaving tomorrow, so this was our last day with them.  It's been such a sweet visit! Great friends and family are such treasures in life.  God is surely good to set up our lives in families; He even tells us that there are friends closer than a brother . . . I love God's plan the best I can comprehend it.  Mostly, I'm so grateful that He is in charge of our lives!

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