Thursday, October 3, 2013

At the Ruins

The farm where Gretta lives has ruins on it of a pre-civil war mansion.  This pic was taken at those ruins.  It's Elena, me and Gretta.  It's very interesting to read about these ruins; you could read more under History at  These big horse farms in Kentucky are very interesting.  It's a whole different world.  It's like farming to me used to be if you have a bigger than common garden, a couple of cows, a few pigs and a bunch of chickens.  That was a farm to my great grandparents in Tennessee.  Then we moved to Oklahoma where farms are really ranches and it means acres and acres of cotton or wheat and several hundred head of cattle.  Here farms mean a bunch of dressy, clean barns with horses that are cared for better than people and the whole place is nearly manicured.  It's funny how the same word means different things around the country, not to mention the world!

Our visit is coming to a close.  We'll leave early in the morning for our last week of this trip.  It'll be a sweet week at Big Cedar, just south of Branson.  It's probably my favorite place to go, other than home.  Home is sweet and we'll be there soon.  I've got my instructions for my eye surgery, so all is set for that to happen the 17th and the 24th.  I'm so looking forward to good vision!  I thank God for this trip full of family fun and feasting for the eyes!  (Wow, I can only imagine the feast if I could really see it all!)

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