Sunday, October 13, 2013

Still Singing Gracie's Praises.

This is a pic I got of Trish and Gracie with Lee.  Lee and I were so tired from our trip.  Trish had been on a field trip with her pre-kindergartners and Gracie was at the end of her week of school, plus 3 hours a day of practice.  I guess we were all pretty tired!  They seem to have endless energy, though; I thank God for that! I know that I don't have that kind of energy anymore.  All I can do is go until I drop.  I just know I do better on days that I get a nap!  They seem to be able to go, go, go!  Besides that, I can't help but notice Gracie's beautiful skin!  I mustn't get started bragging on the grandkids, though!

I got a nap today!  After church we had our monthly fellowship meal, and that is always a delight.  We took Dorothy home, I dropped off Lee and I went back to town for the local theatre program which was playing last night, this afternoon and tomorrow night.  Two of our girls from church were in it and numerous kids who I have had in class, so I wanted to see it.  It was another delight.  All the kids did just great and I'm so glad to see them in a different setting from school and church.  It's encouraging to me to see kids excel and they sure did.  After the play, I came home and got a good nap.  Ahhhhhh.  A nap is such a good thing!  I thank God for making our bodies so that they restore with rest!

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