Saturday, October 26, 2013

Precious Memories.

On our trip to Tennessee, after we visited Lee's Aunt Leona, we went to visit our friends, Tom and Linda Rose.  Lee had never been there, but I graduated from high school with Tom and Linda.  Tom drove us all around the county and we showed Lee beautiful places that represented memories to all of us.  This place was more beautiful than this picture shows, but this is the only place where I could set the camera to get a shot of all of us.  It's a good memory to all of us.  We had to climb up onto this rock and it looked out over the county from where we were sitting.  The memories are treasures to us!  I so thank God that we were able to make this trip!

Today has been a nice, restful day for me.  Lee is feeling much better.  His neck is still very sensitive and won't allow him to go certain directions, but for the most part he is comfortable.  I praise God for that, too! I continue to be amazed and praise God for the vision in my fixed eye!  I can hardly wait until Tuesday to get the other eye done!  It is so much fun SEEING!  I feel guilty that I can get my vision back and Dorothy never can get hers.  (She has macular degeneration.)

Bless her heart; she is such a strong woman.  Her sister, Ada, is still living.  If she manages to live until Monday, they plan to move her to another hospital and do surgery that they hope will save her life. They didn't expect her to live until yesterday, but she did, so the doctors think she might be strong enough to take the surgery on Monday. God bless; we pray for His will to be done and that His will is to save Ada.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear Lee is better....I've been thinking about him all day. I guess maybe God has plans for Ada; hope whatever they have planned works for her. Now you know Dorothy would not want you to feel guilty about getting your eyes fixed! She has done very well with hers, and would want nothing but for you to see better. I know...sometimes we do feel guilty when things improve for us and there's no hope for others. She's a precious woman, and you are so blessed to have her in your life! Love you! Ruthie