Friday, October 4, 2013

She Has No Fear!

It was so much fun to watch Elena play soccer!  I was pleased to get some good pix.  I loved this one; my caption is, "That MY ball!  It's got my name on it; in fact it's calling my name!  I don't care if that kid is a head taller than me; THAT'S  MY  BALL!"  I was so proud of her.  (She loves to hear me caption the pix!)   She played with the heart of a warrior and she loved every moment of it.  When she was going after a ball and controlling it she was laughing so hard I don't know how she could do it!  When the coach had her playing defense she was happy; when he had her playing offence she was happy; when he had her sitting out so someone else could play she was happy.  She'd go running in after drinking her water and say, "Where do you want me, Coach?"  I thought of Christ telling us to, "Become as little children."  She's a great example and I'm really proud of her.

We had a wonderful visit, but it was time to move on today to Big Cedar.  It took us 11 hours to get here, including stopping to get groceries for this week.  It was a beautiful drive,  and we enjoyed it. I'm totally whipped tonight, though.  I'm going to watch Jay Leno because Terry Bradshaw is on tonight.  We met him the last time we were in Hawaii, so I've got to see him.  I always loved him from football and then as a goofball on Leno, so meeting him was a real hoot.  It'll be fun to see him tonight if I can stay awake!

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