Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Been a Great Trip! 

If you're interested in the ruins behind us, go to the above site and look under history.  These ruins are located on the farm where Gretta lives, which is a beautiful place.  These are not on her part, but very close and it was really interesting to climb around on them.  These are precious memories from our visit with Gretta and Elena.  We're starting to look back and enjoy the memories of this trip as we pack and get ready to go home tomorrow.  It's been full of memories we will always treasure!  We thank God for such an awesome display of  His abundance and for keeping us safe on this trip!

This week at Big Cedar has been very relaxing and felt like home.  The cookie lady comes every night and leaves us fresh cookies and fresh coffee and the shuttle is always ready to take us wherever we want to go on the property.  We've been off property a few times, but not too much.  We'll be back in January and we look forward to another visit with the cookie lady.  This is a wonderful place and we're blessed to get to be here.  I've been here so much over the years that the folks at church feel like family, too.  It will be good to be home and to see more family tomorrow on the way home! We're wearing big smiles!


  1. Love this photo! The best of you two!

  2. Aw, Judy, thanks! I love hearing from you!