Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Precious Visitor!

This is Lee's oldest daughter, Barb.  She lives in Moore and is usually busier than a one armed paper hanger. She's been on furlough since the government shutdown because she works for the FAA.  The shutdown is a crying shame and is bad for her, but we were thrilled that it gave her the time to come and visit!  It was her daughter who got married in June; the wedding was at her house, so she's spent most of the last year getting the grounds ready for that outdoor wedding.  We so loved having her visit yesterday.

I've had 8 treatments and they seem to be working.  The first one I had flu symptoms, so that was bad, but it only lasted about 24 hours.  One other one I felt like I had a boil on each hip for about 2 weeks where I got the injections.  Yesterday went fine, but I got up this morning with way sore hips, again.  I sure hope it goes away in less than 2 weeks.  If it doesn't, I can live with it, but there is a lot of moaning going on around here! I'm not complaining; I'm just confessing how it is.  Really to have 8 treatments and only have issues with 3 of them is pretty good.  They seem to be working great, too, so I can only give thanks for that and that's the whole purpose, so yippee!  Don't anyone be worried; this is totally normal, so it's not a problem.  It's only a bump in the road.  (I'm so glad I'm not having to go anywhere because a real bump in the real road would be so hard to take!)

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