Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Good Times!

This is a pic Lee got yesterday of Dorothy and I at the Cancer Clinic; I was there to get my blood work for today's treatment.  Dorothy went with us just because we'd been gone for so long and we wanted to spend the time together; plus she'd always wanted to go to the Olive Garden and we were going there for lunch. So, it was a delightful day!  We only had to wait about 5 minutes for them to call me back to take my blood and that only took a couple of minutes.  I love getting pix with Dorothy because it helps me to recall all the treasured times we've shared.  She is one of the heroes of my whole life; I admire her so much.  If I live to be 90, like she is, I hope I can be as sharp and lovable as she is!  This is a lady who has been widowed twice, lost her only son to a heart attack when he was 50, is legally blind and lives alone . . . just for starters!  I thank God for her and her family in my life! She has only one grandson and he is an awesome guy; I've had both his boys in class and they are the cream of the crop kind of kids, too.  They are a super family and we are so blessed to know them.

My treatment today went perfectly.  Then we got home just about 5 minutes after Lee's daughter got here. She is furloughed right now, due to the government shutdown, so she came to spend the afternoon with us. Tomorrow I'll post a pic that we got of the three of us today.  More thanks to God!  We are richly blessed!


  1. Beautiful picture of both of you. Glad you arrived home safely. I enjoyed your travelogue as usual! Love, Pamela

  2. Thanks, Pamela! We had the best trip! God is so good to us! Love you!