Saturday, October 19, 2013

More of My Easy Entertainment!

We took Barb, Lee's daughter, to the lake the other day and look who we saw!  They patiently waited while I ran up close enough to get pix of these herons.  These have got to be some we've been watching.  I'm so pleased to see them.  One is right near the nest and the other is on the stump that is next to the tree.  I attempted to get them both in the same pic, but they wouldn't fit.  I am as pleased as a kid at Christmas over these herons!  See, I'm easily entertained.  Actually, I think it's pretty magnificent that God goes to so much trouble for me.  I love it!

I got lots done around the house and yard today.  There is always so much to do here.  I think that's why I like to travel.  I can rest when we're gone.  We're home, now, so there's work to do and I thank God that I can do it!  Home is sweet and I am blessed, even with my own herons!

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