Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Must Have Been CRAZY!

This is a pic Tom got of Lee and I standing in front of a cave that Tom and I used to go caving in when we were in high school.  I must have been CRAZY to have crawled into that hole!  I trusted Tom a lot, I guess. Those caving jaunts may have contributed to my claustrophobia today.  I can also remember when my friend Patty and I thought the coolest place to ride was in the VERY back (behind the seat) of my Daddy's VW Bug.  Those were some fun times, but I have more fun now staying out of small places!  It was sure fun to get to go back and see this spot.  I thank God for great lifelong friends like Tom and Linda Rose and the opportunities we get to continue to have fun with them from Tennessee to Branson and even Hawaii and Oklahoma!  Indeed we are blessed!

Today has been a great day.  I saw the doc for another check on the surgery that was done yesterday.  He was as delighted as I am.  I see him in two weeks for a final check and we'll determine then if I need to wear glasses or contacts, again.  He said he suspects I won't need any; I suspect that, too!  I'm reading really well and seeing details everywhere.  I love it!  PTL!  Lee's neck continues to do well, but it threatens him from time to time, as if to remind him he's not in the clear, yet.  Dorothy's sister, Ada, is doing really well.  She's up and walking and they say they'll let her go home in a couple of days if she continues to do well.  She is one amazing little lady.  This time last week the doctors had all given her up for gone, but she's having no part of it!  PTL!


  1. Yes, Jo, We have wonderful friends too, you and Lee! So glad to hear your eye surgery was successful! Hope Lee will be ok! Love y'all! Right about that cave, the opening looks so small!!! It couldn't have been THAT small 45 years ago, could it? We were crazy! You hit the nail on the head! Linda

  2. Well, I know I was lots more limber then; I just really can't imagine crawling into there! It's so wonderful to be able to see clearly! I'm loving it! Love and miss you two!