Saturday, October 12, 2013


Last night I said that Gracie practices for 3 hours every day of the week.  No, it's every school day of the week.  It's still a big commitment!

Tonight's pic I took of Raynie, Sadie and Mason when we ate supper at the Taco Bueno last night.  They were so much fun!   Mason is the same Mason whose face we haven't seen for a year or more until he got that haircut a few weeks ago!  I'm so proud of that haircut, and love seeing his handsome face!  Gracie hated that she missed going out to dinner, but she was getting ready for her program.  We'll have to take her out another time!  I thank God for these kids and missed seeing their two older brothers, Gabe and Nate.  It's hard to keep up with the older guys, though!

Today has been a busy day around here!  I've done laundry and unpacked most everything.  There's a fellowship dinner after church tomorrow, so I made a banana pudding for that.  In the morning I'll make a corn casserole.  I'm ready for bed, except that I have to get my bath!  This body sure tires easily, but I thank God that it's still going!


  1. WOW!!! Is he handsome!! He's going to be fighting the girls off! All of Tricia's kids are so good looking and talented. I know she is proud of them! rs

  2. I told him the same thing! Thanks, Ruthie! So glad you're feeling better!