Saturday, October 5, 2013

Turned Cold!

It has turned cold on us!  I had my long jeans and a long sleeve shirt to go over the short sleeved on, so I was warm enough.  I have a jacket in the car that I'll use if it doesn't get warmer.  We had a cold front come through this morning, so I called and asked them to turn on the pilot light to the fireplace. We had gone over to get a key to the fitness room and while we were there we picked up a couple of movies to watch in the unit.  It was pouring down rain, so Lee got this pic of me while we waited on the shuttle to come and get us to take us back to the building.  They have a shuttle here at Big Cedar to take you wherever you want to go on the property.  It's pretty nice!  The cookie lady just came and left us with cookies for Lee and a couple of packages of coffee.  I have popcorn to make for the movie tonight.  I LOVE the cookie lady.  It's so nice to have a rap at the door in the evening and find a lady there with a basket of cookies and coffee!   I don't eat cookies or drink coffee, but I still love it when she comes!

We slept until 10 this morning; man, that was nice!  We so needed a long rest.  I've taken all my meds today, so I won't have to get up all night taking it.  Last night I had to take it through the night because I couldn't take it on the road as we traveled yesterday.  So, tonight's sleep will be really sweet!

We're missing Gretta and Elena, but we have precious memories to relive.  I'm so grateful for the time we got to share!  So far I'm taking an extra antihistamine a day and that's working to keep me from getting congested with allergies.  I sure would like to avoid the cough I had last year!

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