Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Precious Memories

We enjoyed so much the visit when Barb came last week!  You can see that Lee was throwing himself into some story and Barb was paying close attention.  We treasure the memories of that day that she came to see us!

Tomorrow we go to OKC for an appointment Lee has.  We'll get to see his brother, Trish, and his daughter, Krissy, and her family!  I'm eager for some new pix and more memories to treasure!

This is my last day to wear contacts for a while!  I have to leave them off for 3 full days prior to my surgery on one eye Thursday.  Then, I guess I can wear a contact in the other eye for one day.  But, then I have to not wear them for 3 days prior to the surgery on the other eye.  I figure I just won't fool with it.  I'm thinking I'm just going to take it pretty easy for the next few days.  I do have some readers I can wear, but after one eye is fixed the readers won't work.  I really don't care about any of this week because a week from Tuesday I'll have two eyes FIXED!  Woo hoo!  I'm hoping I can see well enough without contacts, but they tell me they can fit me with contacts if I need them after the surgery.  I'm a real clux with glasses, so I have no desire to wear glasses.  I'll do whatever I have to do to see, though, and be grateful!  I've been waiting for this repair for over 4 years, now.  Ahhhhh . . . Praise God, the time is here!

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  1. I would love to hear this story.....looks very interesting! His beard is coming right along I see and looking good.
    I was so looking forward to seeing you both; it isn't cancelled, just postponed! Love you both! ruthie