Monday, October 28, 2013

One More Wake Up!

This pic was taken on the walk down to the Natural Bridge at Sewanee.  As if Lee isn't already a head taller than me, he wanted to stand up on the edge.  What a goofball he is!  I love it!

One more wake up until I get my other cataract removed!  Woo hoo!  Tomorrow I'll see double for a while and then the good vision will be here for me!  I'm so excited about it!

Lee has felt pretty good today, but his neck is twinging some, so he's not in the clear, yet.  We just hope he'll continue to get better and better.

Dorothy called to tell me today that her sister, Ada, is up and able to drink and take a little nourishment, even!  She's an amazing woman.  She's still in critical condition, but she is hanging on so well.  The doctors didn't expect her to live through last Wednesday and were surprised that she made it until Friday; here she is on Monday, up and eating!  God bless Ada!  Praise God for taking care of all of us!

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