Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trish and Some of the Kids at Lunch.

This is a pic I got of Trish with Sadie and the 'little kids.'  Tricia's oldest three are Nate, Gabe and Sadie; they are 21, 18, and 16.  Then Mason is 13, Gracie is 10 and Raynie is 6.  She always divided them into the big kids and the little kids.  Sadie is the only big kid left at home.  Mason is nearly as big as she is, now!  So, this is Sadie, Mason and Trish with Gracie and Raynie in the front, wearing hats.  It was a way fun lunch; love it when we can connect with them!

Lee rested today and is doing better than he was this time last night.  His neck is still hurting, but it helped to be able to take muscle relaxers today.  He can rest, again, tomorrow, but he'll have to drive me Thursday to have my cataract surgery.  I hope two days of rest will help him to get through that morning.  We should be home early in the afternoon on Thursday, so maybe it won't be too hard on him.

I got all the floors done in the house today.  I did all the other cleaning Saturday.  So the house is as clean as it ever gets.  After I have my cataract surgery I'll be able to see all I've been missing!  I can hardly wait.  I feel so blessed to be finally getting them fixed.  I thank God that I'm able to clean and able to get this surgery!  I thank Him for a great day of visiting yesterday and a good day of rest for Lee today.

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