Friday, October 18, 2013

So Easily Entertained!

Monday, on our way home from my blood work we stopped at the cemetery in Roosevelt where Lee's mom, dad, and older brother are buried.  Look at the tarantula who was also visiting!  I thought it was so cool! Lee thinks it's funny how easily I'm entertained.  No kidding; I loved seeing that tarantula!  As soon as I saw him I went running back to the truck to get the camera!  What's really cool is that the tarantula dug right down into the hole he came out of when we first saw him and disappeared!  It was just like he came out to say hello!  I don't like any spiders, but tarantulas entertain me.  They aren't sneaky; they're bold.  They're just right there and not hiding.  I thank God for them.  They probably have some purpose more important than entertaining, me, but I love that they entice me to run for the camera!  I never run for the camera for any wee, sneaky spider! I just step on them!

Today has been a cold, rainy day.  We don't have many days like that in southwestern Oklahoma.  I'm glad because I'm not crazy about these kinds of days.  I'm sure the farmers are happy to have the moisture.  I'm sure my plants are, too, so I thank God for the moisture.  I sure like warm days better, though.  I've got my rice buddies out and carrying them with me everywhere I go.  Warm is a good thing!  Thankfully, my injection sites are not so sore, too!  I thank God for that!

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