Thursday, October 24, 2013

Papa Lee Feels Better Around the Grand People!

This is a pic I got of Lee playing basketball with Peyton as Bryce watched when we were there Monday. He had such a tough day with his neck on Monday because he couldn't take any muscle relaxers.  I think that made yesterday a harder day.  He had to lay off this morning until he got me home from my cataract surgery today, but he's been able to have the relaxer, again, this afternoon.  His doctor called in another relaxer and a steroid today and said to call him on Monday if he isn't better.  How we hope he'll be better by then!  He's about worn to a frazzle with this neck ache.   Lunch with Trish and her gang was a joy for us and then getting to play with Peyton and Bryce sure helped him to get through Monday!  We thank God for all the grandkids and their awesome spirit!

Today has gone well for me.  At first after my surgery I was seeing blurry and double.  As time passed it got better and better.  I'm starting to get really excited at the things I'm seeing much more clearly.  I can really hardly wait to wake up in the morning and see what else I can see.  I'm anxious for Tuesday to get here so I can see with the other eye, too.  It's been so interesting.  When I first came out of surgery the not fixed eye was my good one.  I kept closing the fixed eye.  I got home and took a nap, though, and woke up with the fixed eye willing to stay open.  As time passes I'm using it more and realizing that I'm seeing better with it than with the not fixed one!  How cool!  I love how bright everything is, too!  I'm praising God for this fixed eye!  So many blessings!  I'm eager for a healing night of sleep for both of us!

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