Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Could Hardly Hold up My Head.

I monitored for testing this morning, but school was out at 12:30, so I didn't have to sub for anyone in the afternoon.  It's a good thing because I could hardly hold up my head.  I'm spoiled to sleeping in too much, lately!  Getting up and going to school is a sleepy job for me.  Monitoring for testing is especially sleepy work!  I do it 4 days next week.  I really enjoy it, but I'd better get good sleep before those days!

I came home and took a good nap and then we headed out to the first high school basketball game of the year.  Wow!  Our guys are really great!  The girls struggled and lost, but the guys won by one point.  It was super exciting!  I love watching the kids play; it gives me a whole new respect and love for them for the effort that put into it!  I thank God for these experiences for the kids and for me!

Tomorrow the kids start to come in; we are so excited!  Woo hoo!  Oh, by the way, this pic is one we got today before my nap.  Bet you get tired of the same background, but it's the easiest place to put the camera for a good shot.  I put the camera on the bar and we step into place; it works if I can just remember to do it!

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