Sunday, November 3, 2013

More Dear Friends!

This is a pic I got when we visited my mom's great friends, Earl and Mary Hall, when we were visiting Tom and Linda in Tennessee.  Mary and Mom used to walk together every day, for years.  Mary was a good, good friend when Mom was going through lots of tough times and through lots of good times, too.  Our family has several quotes we attribute to her, my favorite being, "It'll all be here when we get back." (Referring to the things around the house that need doing and tend to stop us from going on with life, but not Mary!)  Lee and I got to visit with them on their anniversary.  I wish I'd gotten a better picture, but I'm glad to have this one.  Earl built this awesome house for her several years ago.  I think it has 5 bedrooms and that staircase goes up two sides and joins in the middle to go upstairs.  It's really a beautiful place.  It was such a joy to visit with them and I thank God for great examples like these folks in my life!

Today is my last day to go without eye make up.  It's been so good to see!  Now, it'll be good to see the me I have become accustomed to being for the last many years.  Mascara should be my middle name, I guess. Anyway, it'll be good to see what I really look like with eye makeup tomorrow.  :)

The Thunder showed up to play tonight, so I'm enjoying watching them on TV.  They'd better pull up a notch or two if they want to secure this game against Phoenix, though!

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