Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lee's Toothache is on Hold.

This is a pic of deer we saw at Quartz Mountain State Park last week when we went by there on our way to Lee's appointment with his doctor, following up on his neck pain.  His neck pain is minor, now, and his toothache is on hold.  He's been very careful what he ate as we're hoping to make it until his dentist's office opens probably on Tuesday, since Monday is a holiday.

The deer are always plentiful at Quartz Mountain, and if you go early in the morning they're easy to see. They're pretty tame to let me get this close to take a pic.  Actually, we were that close in the truck!  It's always fun to find them!

Lee and I slept in this morning, so we really didn't accomplish much today.  It was a gorgeous day, though.  I went out to Dorothy's and gave her a haircut.  It was so nice we were able to do it on her screened in porch! She got to talk to her sister, Ada, on the phone today and she is getting stronger every day.  She's even going to go out to her daughter's house for a couple of hours tomorrow.  She's had cabin fever and is ready to get out a little bit.  We are so grateful that she is alive and getting stronger.  Two weeks ago we were amazed that she was still alive after they'd nearly pronounced her dead on Wednesday.  Here she is at home and planning a little outing tomorrow.  God works in mysterious ways and I so thank Him for all His gifts. It's so wonderful that we can trust Him to take care of everything; no doubt we would mess things up so royally if He left it all to us!  What a relief to know that we can trust it all to Him.

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