Monday, November 11, 2013

My Protector.

Bless his heart; see that arm around me?  He's serious about that.  He called his dentist this morning and they were going to see him at 7:40 in the morning.  We were getting all set to get things done around her and go to bed early so we could leave for OKC at 5 in the morning, when they called from the cancer clinic in Lawton to remind me that I have a treatment tomorrow!  YIKES!  I had forgotten all about it!  I told Lee I could drive myself there, but he was having no part of that.  So, he called his dentist back and has an appointment for Thursday.  I'm already scheduled to sub Thursday, so he'll be going by himself.  Of course we're both grown ups and both of us can drive, so it'll work.  It's just that it's not his style to let me do anything like that by myself!  Like he wouldn't let me sit by myself and wait for the roadside service to come change my tire on Friday.  He's just that kind of guy; I appreciate it!  It's wonderful to have a keeper; he's awesome and I am blessed!

Tomorrow will be like a date for us.  We go for the treatment and always go out to eat after it.  It's not a terrible experience at all.  I'm so grateful for that.  Again, I am so blessed.  It sure could be a lot worse, and I am blessed to have a treatment that is doable and it seems to be working.  PTL!


  1. Yes, he is awesome, and I'm so glad you have him in your life. You are a blessed woman for sure! Wish you could be with him Thursday, and hope his tooth will behave until then! Love you! Ruthie

  2. Me, too! Our eating out tomorrow, may be a little tricky. We'll have to find something soft to eat! So far he's done really well with it. I hate he has to go to OKC by himself, though. Like he said, he's made the trip a lot, but I still hate for him to have to do it, again!
    Love you!