Friday, November 1, 2013

Sorry About Last Night! Guess We Were Tricked!

I so apologize for not posting last night.  I guess it was too big a day for me.  I wrote the blog and thought I posted it, but sat down to post tonight and there was no post from last night!  It was in my drafts.  DUH.  I went ahead and posted it.  I'll keep this one short.  This is a precious pic to me.  It's one Tom got of Lee and I at the cross up on Sewanee Mountain.  I always loved that cross when we lived there and I love it still.  It's a treasured memory to share this with Lee as well and Tom and Linda.  I thank God for the precious times and the ability to store them and recall them as memories!

I see better and better each day.  I wish I could see the Thunder win a ballgame tonight, but it seems I'm going to have to see them take a beating unless they can pull a Thunder STORM out of their pockets!  I'm off to suffer through it with them.  Everyone have a good weekend and wonderful November!

Note:  We saw Lee's doc who is treating his neck today and he was pleased.  We're praying that Lee can keep up the happy neck!

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