Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Eye Doc Releases Me!

The doc says these eyes are good!  The implants look perfect and I'm seeing super.  He prescribed glasses for me to wear when I drive, so that I can see signs ahead in time to read them.  I can also wear them if I'm watching a ballgame or a movie, something in the distance like that.  He says I don't have to wear them, but they'll come in handy if I need a little help.  I'll be happy to wear them under those circumstances.  For everyday living I don't have to wear them at all.  I'll have to keep them in my purse, I guess or they'll be lost since I think it sounds like I won't wear them that much.  I picked out a pair and they should be ready tomorrow or the next day.  I thank God and praise Him for vision and the opportunity to be glasses free for the most part!

Tomorrow I sub and Lee will go get his tooth checked in OKC.  I sub again on Friday, so the week is finishing really busy for us.  Tonight and tomorrow night the Thunder have ballgames at 9:30, so it'll be late nights for us; hope I can stay awake in class!  I'll be ready for naps as soon as school is finished for the day!

Brrrrrrr; it's cold here; happy fall!

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