Monday, November 18, 2013

What Fun!

Enjoy all the pix!  We had so much fun tonight when Brett came over with his two boys and Stephanie came with their son and daughter!  Brett's wife, Heather was working and couldn't get anyone to cover for her tonight and Stephanie's husband, Gregg, is in San Francisco working.  It's always hard to get everyone right when we're here, but we were so glad this many of the family could be here and we sure missed Heather and Gregg.  Heather, even sent a puzzle that the kids and I will work over Thanksgiving, so they'll all be with us in spirit and we'll be enjoying that!

My tests went fine today.  I don't know any results.  We see the doc in the morning at 9:40.  If he's content to let us go home and we can get out of here by noon, we'll head for home.  I'm praying we can do that.  We love being here, but there's a lot to do at home to get ready for Thanksgiving.  We're really looking forward to having a house full of kids!

I'll post tomorrow as soon as I can about my results.  If it's really late, you know it's good because we're on our way home!

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