Saturday, May 31, 2014

Big Ouch! Spurs Beat the Thunder.

It sure hurts to see the Thunder get beat out of the finals.  It was a great season and we're still proud of them. I'm sure they hate it even worse than we do.

This pic we took this evening BEFORE we lost the game, so our smiles were big.  Good thing we got the pic then because neither of us are smiling so big, now.  We'll do the best we can; we're still very proud of the Oklahoma City Thunder!  We like their basketball and we like their kind of people.  They're good guys and we're proud to support them!

Today was an odd day for me.  I got up earlier than usual and that might have been the problem.  I went across the street to visit with Hazel and Joan, when I saw Joan's car over there.  We had a great visit and then I went out to Dorothy's house to give her a haircut.  Giving her a haircut is NOT a big deal!  She has a wonderful head of hair, so it's really an easy thing to do and I love to do it.  I had to stop once during the haircut to sit down; I just felt like I was going to pass out.  I finished the haircut and then sat down again and visited awhile before I left.  All the way home it was all I could do to push on the accelerator to get home. Usually I have a heavy foot and have to work to stay within the speed limits.  I came in and dropped my stuff in the kitchen and told Lee I was going to bed.  He came in and sat with me for about a half hour.  I wasn't sleeping, so I figured I must be better.  I got up and reheated some chicken pot pie (one of our favorites) for lunch and then I went back to bed and took my hour nap.  I was fine when I got up, so I'm thinking I was just short some sleep?  It was different for me.  I really have passed out FEW times in my life, so I'm not sure what it feels like.  It could be that the fatigue side effect from this chemo is finally getting a hold on me.

Anyway, I thank God for getting me safely home today.  I felt like I should take my blood sugar or something, but I'm not diabetic.  I really felt like my camera acts when the battery is running out; it just won't do anything!  So, maybe my 'battery' was done.  Anyway, one of God's wonder naps fixed me.  I made dinner for tomorrow this evening before the Thunder/Spurs game.  So, we've got a good dinner for tomorrow.  My hands and feet are much better today.  I think this is day 4 of my rest from chemo, so my hands and feet are much better today.  I figure I'd better do the things I need to do with my hands and feet while I'm on this rest because they don't work so well when I go back on the chemo.  That's why I wanted to cook dinner for tomorrow.  I had to do it today so that we can eat quickly after church and get down for a good nap.

Sorry this was so long, but for someone who may follow me I want to be fully honest in case they can relate to my experience.  God is driving and what a relief that is for me!  Praise Him!  I thank Him for all I'm learning and for the health that I'm able to maintain.  I thank Him for Lee, who is such a great support!  I thank Him for all of you who care enough to read this every day and keep me in your thoughts and prayers! God bless us all!

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