Thursday, May 1, 2014

Feet and Hands are so Much Better Today!

Here is another shot of the heron fishing below the tree that has the nests in it.  My feet are not good enough to walk over there, yet, but I'll be able to do that soon at the rate they are improving.  I'm so glad they are here to watch.

I'm so enjoying the irises!  The wind has broken off a couple of stalks, but I just bring them inside an add them to my arrangements.  My feet were better enough today that I could go out and deadhead all the irises and they are so pretty in the yard!  I love them inside, too. 

My feet and hands have improved so much!  I could walk like normal today.  I even darned 3 pairs of socks tonight as we watched the Thunder/Grizzlies game.  I was able to walk around and deadhead all the irises today, too.  They decided to do some make up testing tomorrow and I felt good enough to agree to monitor. I was looking forward to not working when my feet hurt so bad, but they felt good enough that I was glad to accept the offer to monitor.  I so thank God for giving me relief quickly.  I pray that the reduced dosage will be more tolerable for my body and still mighty enough to kick the cancer!

God blesses and I thank Him and give Him praise and glory!  Counting my blessings would be impossible.  If I attempted to count the blooms on my irises it would be impossible and God has blessed me in so many other ways on top of all these flowers. We are so richly blessed; I'm grateful that we aren't required to count our blessings, because it would be beyond my ability to count them!  They all surely count in my life, though!


  1. You remind me of King David who praised God through all his ups and downs and you know how God loved David! Thank you for your example. Love you. Doris

  2. What a sweet thought, Doris! I pray that I can be a good example because people have so many issues, cancer and non-cancer. It's sure not a time to be angry with God or blame Him. I'm convinced He has a plan and while I don't comprehend His plan, I believe He's counting on me to at least be positive. The hardest thing, ever was losing Don and I really struggled with being positive on that part of my journey. Great people like you help me to hold my head up; I think that's the least God wants us to do. Love you so much!