Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Yesterday Lee and I went to Roosevelt to put these flowers by the grave of his mom, dad and brother.  I've never been one to decorate graves, but I can only respect people who do.  This meant a lot to Lee.  He also has flowers we will take to his wife's grave in OKC as soon as we have a chance to go there.  It makes him feel good to do this, so I can only respect that.  I love the cemetery in Roosevelt; it's so beautiful with the wheat fields and mountains in the background.

I've made it through day 13.  Tomorrow is the last day of this cycle of chemo.  I just hope that the next time will be as easy as this one has been.  Don't get me wrong; my feet and hands are sure hurting, but it's not nearly as bad as it was the last time.  I'm really eager to get to MDA to learn if this chemo is doing it's job on the cancer!  I can take this, so I sure hope it is working!  The only clues I had that the cancer was growing was the knots on my neck and my forehead being so sore.  My head is not sore at all and the knots on my neck are as small as they've ever been.  If they get any smaller, they'll be gone; wouldn't that be awesome!

I've learned that if I do food preparation before my hands get so sore, it's a lot easier to take these sensitive hands.  This time we've eaten out a lot and that worked, but I'll be better prepared next time.  I feel so blessed that it's so much easier this time than it was the last time!  I can do my best to stay off my feet as much as possible, and that helps, too.

We've been watching lots of war related films today and it's heart breaking what our soldiers have endured. Cancer us really not a big deal compared to the trauma they endured.  I thank God for our Veterans.  My dad, my brother and my brother-in-law are all veterans and I respect and thank them so much.  I'm proud to be a military kid and treasure our reunions that we have every other year.  Don reminded me that the guys who weren't veterans financed the veterans; I'm sure that's worth a lot, but it's still not the same trauma-wise. God bless our veterans and those of us who supported them.

Oh!  The Thunder WON their game last night so they are back into this series.  Yahoo!

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