Friday, May 2, 2014

More Fresh Flowers!

I deadheaded all the irises today and cut some more to bring inside.  They make me feel so blessed, and I thank God for them.

Today was my 3rd day of the 7 day rest period.  Each day my side effects are a little better.  My feet still feel like they have blisters on them.  I keep looking expecting to find blisters, but there are none.  The hardest thing is taking a bath because my feet can't take the heat and the rest of me can't take the cool water.  I have a little stool in the tub to put my feet out of the water, but that is so uncomfortable, too.  I just have to rush through the bath.  Then it's really tricky standing up to get out of the tub.  I'm so glad we have gripper bars to help me balance.

I have a new side effect, I think.  My tongue has been sore for about 4 days; I thought it was because I was using so many cough drops to keep from coughing my head off at school.  Today I haven't used a single cough drop and my tongue is more sore than ever.  Also the inside of my lips are raw.  It's a common side effect of this chemo and I can't really blame the cough drops anymore.  I've used cough drops over the years and never got a sore tongue or lips.  It's not something I can't accept, though.  It could be worse.

I'm sure happy that this chemo gives me a 7 day rest off the chemo to allow my body to rebuild and repair from all the damage that the chemo does to the good cells.  I sure hope it's getting after those cancer cells!

Happy May, everyone!

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