Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Wonderful Spring Day.

This is a pic that Lee took when we had a spring sort of day in Branson.  They were few and far between, but we took advantage when they happened.  This day we walked at the State Park, and it was wonderful.

I was reminded of this day today because it was so awesome here!  I pulled weeds in the whole side flower bed today.  Sometimes that bed really gets away from me, but because it's been so cold, it really wasn't bad. It only filled one huge bag.  I've got the front flower bed to go and the back one.  This is the main iris bed, though, so it's ready for spring irises and I can hardly wait for them!

Then after lunch I took my nap on the back deck and got some sun on the front of me.  (I got sun on my back when I was bent over pulling weeds this morning.)  I'm so glad to get some sun.  I know that Vitamin D3 is a powerful cancer fighter, plus I LOOK so much healthier when I'm not so pale!

The day started ugly though.  I just had my makeup on and my hair combed when I suddenly started tasting salt water in my mouth.  I thought I'd go lay down and see if that would help, but didn't make it past the stool and heaved for a while.  Man, that's a wicked start to the day!  I did fine all day after that, though.  I really don't get it.  The doc in Lawton wrote a script for me for pills to help with the nausea, but it comes on so suddenly that I don't think they'll work at all.  I'm supposed to take them when I feel nausea.  If  I had a pill in my pocket and took it immediately, I think I'd just throw it up.  I went back over my journal the other night and tallied up all the times I've been sick.  In 6 weeks I've only lost it 10 times.  That's nearly twice a week and not really so bad.  It just seems bad because I think, what if that happens when I'm at school or in church or out in public somewhere else?  I guess it won't be the end of the world; babies spit up all the time. When I was bald from chemo Tricia's kids said I looked like a baby grammy, so I guess now I'm acting like a baby grammy.  Sorry if that's TMI, again!  Thanks for your love and prayers!

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