Friday, April 18, 2014

Day Two is Good Friday in Every Way

I got this pic as I was about to lay down for a huge nap.  My blanket was waiting for me on the bed.  I was reaching in my pocket for my bapa (lip gloss; it's a long story that I'll explain sometime.)

I got some paperwork done this morning and then a long nap this afternoon.  Lee and I went over to inspect Bob Clark's work on his house and visited for quite a while.  I hate to slow down his progress, but it's so fun to visit.  I'm so grateful that I feel good, so far.  I realize that once the chemo has a chance to collect in my body it may take a toll on me.  I'm drinking tons of water to keep it flushed through my system, so maybe too much won't collect.  I thank God for two good days, so far, not to mention 65 plus years of a wonderful life.

I'm headed off to bath and bed.  I hope I won't be so draggy all the time, but if this is what it takes to deal with the cancer, then I'm willing to drag into bed; it's not a terrible swap.  Being sick would be nasty, and so far I'm not having any trouble with that.  I have pills to take for nausea, but haven't had to take any, yet. PTL!


  1. I know how Bapa got it's name. :-)
    Love you,

  2. Terri, that's because you know me well as we're FAMILY! I love you!