Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oops! Late! Sorry!

We had 6.5 inches of snow here after about an inch of ice.  We didn't go anywhere today, but we have to go into town for my treatment tomorrow.  We don't have to be there until 2 p.m so I'm hoping the roads will be plenty clear by then.  We'll do the best we can and trust God to provide  clear enough roads and skill for Lee to drive.

This little rascally squirrel discovered the bird suet today and made himself right at home.  If I were at home I'd be irritated, but since I'm here and have the food, I'm happy for anyone who wants to entertain us to have it.  As you can see, he was really serious about a good feed.  This is the snow that's on the table on our balcony, which has a roof!  This snow looks beautiful and it's our favorite place to be when it snows, so we give thanks for it.

I'm up late tonight because Lee and I have been playing cards and the time got away from me!  He won the first game and I won the second one.  We were going to play the third game to see who could win and realized what time it was; we'll play it tomorrow!  It's way past our bedtime.  Sorry to anyone who was waiting for my post.  Thanks for keeping up with us, even when I'm late!

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