Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another Awesome Day!

It was 80 degrees when we went to walk at the Taneycomo State Park today.  What a great day!  So far I haven't been sick, so I'm rejoicing from all angles.  Lee got this picture of me climbing around this huge rock beside the path.

His shingles are just about dried, the best we can tell.  He only has two lesions and they are both under his beard, so it's hard to tell.  They aren't bothering him at all, so we know we are so blessed! In fact a couple of days ago I posted a picture of him cleaning off the windshield and his lesions were in full bloom then and they were still not visible in the picture.  We are so thankful that this has not been as bad as it is for lots of people.  Of course, it's not over; he could have nerve pain that often comes after the lesions heal.  We're thinking that we caught it early and the meds are really working for him.

Speaking of better; Dorothy is all better from her stomach bug, too.  She sounds like herself on the phone.  She's still regaining her strength, but she's about back to her normal spunky self.  Praise God for good health!  Thank you for your prayers for us and for Dorothy!

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