Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Birthday, Raynie!

This is Raynie and her big sister, Sadie.  It's  pic I took last summer, so they've changed a bit, but not much.Sadie is the world's best big sister and Raynie is her little clone.  She looks exactly like Sadie did at her age.  Today Sadie took Raynie to have her ears pierced!  That's pretty special for a big sis and it will be a birthday that Raynie always remembers!

I took it really easy all day today.  I'm wearing compression socks as instructed by the doc and keeping my legs up as much as possible.  The fluid is draining of a bit, but my feet and ankles are still awfully fat looking. I'm hoping that it took me a while to get to this point, so it will probably take a while to get back to normal.God will show me the way.

It was so good to be home today and get lots of rest.  Lee did some laundry and Nate got some work done in the yard.  I love the help!

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