Saturday, July 12, 2014

Most of the Retained Fluids are Gone! Whew!

This is the flower bed out front with only irises in it.  I should have taken a pic of all the weeds.  Nate has it looking so good, now.  I'll get pix tomorrow and post them.  Nate and Lee have really worked hard, all the while wanting to throw out the flowers and put in grass, but someone would have had to die over such a blunder as that.  I appreciate their work, but I'm not crazy about their attitude of wanting to trash the flowers. When I'm dead and gone they can ruin the yard if they want, but as long as I live, I love these flowers.

Today I was down to 121 and I was at 119 when this all began, so maybe most of the fluid is gone!  I just hope I can keep it gone!  Fluids collecting in the body are sure no fun.  So often I feel like I'm smothering. I'm grateful that I have an oxygen generator; it's been a big help!

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